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Here's what our customers are their own words...

Better than I could have hoped for .. great product .. friendly fast service ~ Jesper, Denmark

Wow,now im getting very consistent shells and don't have to worry about final crimp settings on my mec loader,im realy pleased ~Les, Sweden

Very happy with items and service ~ Alistair, Scotland

A brilliant product,made homeloading so much easier now for me~Mark ,Scotland

I chose the bn1 finisher for my light trap loads  following Kevins advice,its made my shells far more consistent ,thanks.Neil ~Scotland

Love the finish acquired by my new crimper, very professional finish! ~ Steve, England

Im delighted with my new Gaep crimper ,it performs BRILLIANTLY !thanks!~ Dan, England

I saw the difference between a factory loaded shell and my friends own handloads finished with the bn4 12ga-incredible- I had to buy my own! ~John ,England

I didn't realise how good the Gaep crimp finisher would make my shells look  loaded up on my lee load all-better than most factory shells.amazing.,saved me a fortune on buying a more expensive loader~ Johnny~England

If your serious about reloading then you should buy a Gaep crimp finisher,i now get consistent shells that pattern so much better than before.~mike N.Wales

I was that impressed with the 12ga that I bought one for my 20ga too!the taper on the crimps are awesome!~Alan ,Wales

Before I got my gaep finishing heads,both 10ga and 12ga,i don't no how I got along without them,velocitys are much more consistent and my reloads look factory.The gaep head has become an important part of my reloading equipment I don't want to be without..Chris -"10gaOkie "~Oklahoma USA

As I have learned to use the Gaep crimp finisher , my loads finish up tighter and the crimps look better than factory shells.Every shell looks the same giving me the consistency that a tightly loaded hull should and performs better with very little deviation!
Larry -"3200 man"~ USA
The GAEP crimp finisher is a must have for the reloader.It adds depth to the centre of the crimps.Tightens the crimps.Removing the centre holes rounding the edges for great feeding into the gun.It makes factory crimps look bad.No more tuning final crimp station,close works ,then the GAEPcrimp finisher works its magic. Billy -"Duckmander" ~ Oklahoma USA
The cheapest thing in handloading shotshells is the shooter.For someone who is fighting the urge to improve on their handloads they should look no farther than a finishing head from Kevin.GAEP has great quality and if your loads are worth shooting "finish"them off right. Dave -"Norsky"~Minnesota USA