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All cartridges finished with a Gaep crimp finisher have a unique taper on them rivalling most factory branded ammunition and quite often surpassing them too.  This gives reloaders especialy beginners confidence in reloading quality shells with ease, so say goodbye to often difficult final crimp station adjustments or blow the dust off your old press and start reloading again!
Importantly, you'll have better shells due to tightening up of the crimp ensuring a more consistent powder burn and generaly giving more uniform ballistics all round, plus you'll also have shells which look great too!
Before you make a purchase please take note that you realy do need a pillar drill, or at the very least a drill stand and electric drill, but the good news is you don't need an expensive press to load on.
There are a few tips and hints for optimum operation which once you've made a purchase of any Gaep crimp finisher you'll be given freely too.

10ga once fired shells

typical example of new poorly crimped shells
Gaep crimp finishers for a quality finish every time!
...transformed instantly with a Gaep bn4

the examples you see here are so easy to achieve and anyone can  expect the same results with the minimum of practice,no fussing or fiddling simply a quick 3 second spin under a pillar drill and its job done.