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First and foremost I am both a reloader and wildfowler of 30years experience and I understand the requirements and expectations of todays wildfowlers, for us reloading is an important factor in finding the right balanced load for your gun, in other words its all about getting it right.
If you are an experienced reloader and you haven't yet used a Gaep crimp finisher before on your shells, then you will see by the pictures how good they look.  You will also appreciate that now matter how hard you try on any commercially made traditional style loading press, this finish is impossible to replicate.
This is because Gaep have made available to the homeloader the final finish stage for a shotshell as seen on a commercial loading machine, the crimp taper..
Now it is finally possible for all hand reloaders to make their own shells which look every bit as good if not better than leading commercially loaded ammunition! This doesn't just mean youl have good looking shells ,but importantly you'll have greater performing shells thanks to having a better and cleaner  powder burn due to the nature of the Gaep crimp finishers taper over your shells crimp,in other words a more uniform shell.
Beginners need not worry about spending a fortune on a expensive brand name press, as the Gaep Roll Crimper will finish an untidy looking shell into one of beauty! Any 6 or 8 point crimping press will do! Ask for advice.
Not only do I sell Gaep products but importantly, I use the shells I load too.  I do a lot of patterning and load work using predomantely steel shot during the closed season and can offer sound advice on shells finished with any of the Gaep roll crimper range. The same principle of the closure also applies to other non toxic shot and lead loaded shells  too!
I am here for advice and tips on how to get the best from your new Gaep Product, feel free to contact me anytime.

Our Aim
  • To maintain the highest quality standards for our products.
  • To provide the best customer service possible.